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Конференция «Роль нефтегазового сектора в технико-экономическом развитии Оренбуржья»

В филиале РГУ нефти и газа (НИУ) имени И.М. Губкина в г. Оренбурге состоялась Международная научно-практическая конференция «Роль нефтегазового сектора в технико-экономическом развитии Оренбуржья» ...читать далее

Вступительные испытания в Оренбургском филиале РГУ нефти и газа (НИУ) имени И.М. Губкина

21 июля 2021 года в Оренбургском филиале начался первый этап вступительных испытаний для поступающих на обучение по очно-заочной форме. Экзамены пройдут исключительно в дистанционном режиме. ...читать далее
Дистанционное обучение

Historical Information

Orenburg branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I. M. Gubkin was opened in October 5, 1984. Opening of a new structural unit was determined by the historical situation in the course of the development and operation of the Orenburg gas-condensate field.

 Филиал РГУ нефти и газа имени И.М. Губкина в г. Оренбурге

In the mid-30s extensive exploration work began on the initiative of the founder of the national petroleum geology Academician Ivan Mikhailovich Gubkin in the Volga-Ural area within the site of the Orenburg Region. Geologist discovered recoverable oil reserves in the north-west of the region near Buguruslan. In November 1966 the first gas from exploration well was obtained. In 1970, the State Reserves Committee estimated that amount of the Orenburg gas-condensate field was 2 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and 120 million tons of  gas condensate. "Orenburggazprom", including gas processing plant, complex gas processing, were built and commissionedfor the preparation and processing of raw materials. In 1974 commercial production of natural gas and condensate was started.  A large-scale work required a large number of petroleum engineering specialists. Professors and teachers of the Gubkin state University of Oil and Gas took an active part almost from the first days of designing, constructing, projecting and commissioning of units and workshops for the production, preparation and processing of natural gas. This collaboration has resulted in the agreement "About scientific, technical and creative cooperation of the Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas and «Orenburggazprom" which is operating at the moment. The result of this agreement was the foundation of the Orenburg Branch. Specialists and graduates from Moscow, Ufa, Salavat, Samara, were invited to Orenburg, but despite it rapidly developing Orenburg gas chemical complex required significant and permanent recruitment of petroleum engineers. Since 1974 it was held a phased commissioning of production facilities I, Phases II and III of the Orenburg gas processing plant. Since 1984 "Orenburggazprom" started processing of natural gas and unstable condensate from Karachaganak oil and gas field (KOGCF Republic Kazakhstan) in addition to raw materials of Orenburg gas-condensate field (OGCF). At the same time the production of oil from deposits located near Orenburg field started. Since 1985, commissioning of production facilities I, II and III of Orenburg helium plant were carried out. They were created on the basis of the latest technical developments in the cryogenic engineering and technology. Production of gas and liquefied helium demanded the introduction of high technologies, which, must continuously update. The more new industrial facilities were put into operation, the more acute became a shortage of petroleum engineers. Vacancies were occupied by specialists with non-special higher education. They were taught and trained at special courses. In 1974 the share of engineering expertise having petroleum engineering education and working for "Orenburggazprom" (gas production department, gas processing and helium plants) was only 26 percent.


Foundation of the branch.


To overcome the crisis in staffing, the head of VPO "Orenburggazprom" Y.F. Vysheslavtsev addressed the rector of the Moscow Gubkin Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry Professor V.N. Vinogradov and Mingazprom to found the evening department of MINH and GP named after I.M. Gubkin.

His initiative was supported, and since October 5, 1984, Orenburg evening faculty  began recruiting and training students. Creation of the evening department of this institute, based on the Orenburg gas complex, was legalized by Orders of Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR, Ministry of Gas Industry and "Orenburggazprom." The head of the evening department was Candidate of Science, graduate of MINH and GP V.G. Chernykh. In 1984, four specialties were trained at the Orenburg evening department:

130503 Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields;

130504 Drilling of oil and gas wells;

130501 Design, construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines and storages;

240403 Chemical processing of Natural Fuels and Carbonmaterials.

Y.F. Vysheslavtsev and the rector of the Gubkin Petrochemical Institute the Hero of Socialist Labor V.N. Vinogradov.

Among the first 156 students enrolled for the first year, about 80 percent were employees of "Orenburggazprom". Most of them were the leaders of the company. Academician of the Academy of Science , Professor of the GubkinStateUniversity of oil and gas Z.S. Aliev has been training drilling and production engineers since the creation of the Orenburg Branch. He gave lectures on the latest advances and facilitated the acquisition of practical knowledge in the field of drilling horizontal wells. His role was really great and very important. The facilities were created while teaching  of the first students. Most of the funds for the purchase of equipment were made at the request of the Orenburg department through Gazprom Logistic Department (HUP-TOK). At the same time, the evening department was helped by oil and gas companies. In 1985 academic building of 2500 sq.m. was constructed for the Orenburg department. The lack of laboratory facilities has been solved with the help of area businesses. Laboratory works were carried out with the involvement of both Branch and leading specialists of company: a central laboratory of gas processing plant (G.P. Malyatova), in gas production department (B.C. Gavriliychenko), in VUNIPIgaz (Candidate of Technical Sciences and Associate Professor D.A. Galyan, the Chair of the department of drilling of oil and gas wells Kozlyak I.P.). In the same year, a new specialty on the basis of the branch was created, taking into account the regional demand for specialists in the field of automation of oil and gas companies. A number of students was taken on specialty 220301 "Automation of technological processes and production."The rapid pace of technological progress in the field of electronics and computer technology, and active implementation of the latest achievements of the leading foreign firms in the field of industrial automation complicated the training process. Educational literature in this area become outdated, making it difficult to organize training. To solve the problems, an agreement with JSC "Gazprom-Automatic" on joint activities in training was signed. Students mastered the profession in a combination of theoretical and practical training. On the one hand to give lectures experienced lecturers, professionals directly involved in the development and  implementation of automation systems (including candidate of technical sciences from 000 "VUNIPIgaz" senior lecturers N.A. Polyakov and R.G. Mukhtarov, from 000 "company" Gazprom -avtomatika " S.T. Eremeyev, G.E. Starova, S.V. Rogozhin and others) were invited. On the other hand - outreach sessions at the enterprises with advanced equipment and technology, equipped with the latest advances in the automation industry were organized. Associate Professor of the branch A.V. Chalov prepared and edited lecture notes: “Fundamentals of digital automation, computer technology in the oil fields hunting, remote control and data transmission”, which also reflects modern technology.

In the period 1986-88. the Branch is set-up to create the library and laboratory facilities with the support of business leaders of "Orenburggazprom" Y.F. Vysheslavtsev, V.G. Ryapolo.a, V.J. Klimova. Laboratory of the strength of materials (Associate Professor R.S. Mironov), laboratory of pumps and compressors (Senior Lecturer G.E. Starova), laboratory of oil and gas processing (Associate Professor T.A. Maracaev). A great amount of work on the installation of equipment was carried out in the laboratories by candidate of geological sciences O.M. Sevostyanov and candidate of technical sciences V.Z. Baishev who has worked since the creation of the Branch.


In the laboratory of the strength of materials (Associate Professor R.S. Mironov, General Director of "Orenburggazprom" S.I. Ivanov, Director of the Branch Chernych V.G.).












In the laboratory, of remote control and data transmission.










Branch Director ,Associate Professor V.G. Chernych, Rector of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas professor A.I. Vladimirov, professor Z.S. Aliyev, Vice Rector of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas A.F. Maksimenko. The library was replenished with the scientific and technical literature, transmitted by the principal istitute, as well as by libraries of structural units of "Orenburggazprom".

Gradually, new problems appeared and solution of them required the involvement of qualified specialists in various fields. In particular, the production and processing of high sulfur content hydrocarbon feedstock required a wide range of environmental activities.

Demand for qualified economists trained for the requirements of the oil and gas industry increased. It was the reason of training environmentalists and economists in the branch. In 1989 the branch has opened the specialties:

080502 Economics and Management (of Oil and Gas industry)

280201 Environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources.

In the early stages education of students in new specialties required experienced teachers (from the State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow) and skilled specialists from Oil and Gas companies. For future economists lectures were given by Professor Shpakov V.A. and Professor Chikirov A.B., as well as by leading economists of "Orenburggazprom". Environmental training was organized jointly by the teachers of the branch, Department of Ecology of the Moscow university (Professor Mescheryakov N.E.), environmental services of "Orenburggazprom" (Professor Bystryh V.V.), Orenburg ecology Committee, Ekobios (Professor Tsimberg M.I.) and others.

In 1989 Buzuluk Oil and Gas Production Management needed the preparation of specialists in the development of oil and gas fields. Specialty "Department of Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields" began training of 125 employees of NGDU "Buzulukneft" to solve staffing problems of the enterprise. In 1991, Orenburg Department and MINH and GP prepared and held the first All-Union Conference of students and specialists the oil and gas industry, "Problems of production, transportation and processing of oil and gas. "The text book was edited by senior teacher Palamarchuk B.C. and associate professor Gabidulina L.I. There are about 100 abstracts there. Plenary reports were delivered by Professor of the MINH and GP Gilyazetdinov L.P. and leading experts of the industry. In 1994, the Branch opened another specialty: 130603 "Equipment of the Oil and Gas processing" for training Mechanical engineers of oil and gas production and processing enterprises. In the same year the Branch begins recruiting students for the second higher education, with non-core education and training was aimed at the requiments of petrochemical enterprises. The first group of students was taken for specialty "Pipeline Transport", and in 1995 - in specialty "Processing Equipment." In 1997, at the request of the company "Orsknefteorgsintez" (Orsk), the training of processing engineers began from the number of their employees with higher non-core or profile Secondary education.

In 1998, the evening department of the Orenburg State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin was transformed into a branch of Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas in Orenburg.

Drilling and Production Engineers and Economists graduated from Buzuluk Branch.

In 1999, the Branch of Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas organized scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Branch. The meeting brought together the staff and students of the branch. Specialists of oil and gas companies of the region were invited as the guests and participants of the round table discussions. As the training experience grew, learning process and curriculums were improved. For example, the main focus of the training in specialty "Processing of oil and gas," according to the curriculum of the principal university, was made on refining. Director of Gas Processing Plant V.I. Vakulin applied for the branch with a proposal to align education with the needs of the region's areas of training, paying more attention to the processing of natural gas and condensate due to the Orenburg region requirements. The administration and the department of oil and gas processing decided to open within the specialty "Chemical Technology of Natural Fuels and Carbon Materials", new specialty "Technology of processing of gas and condensate." Curriculum and programs have been prepared in conjunction with the technical department of the Orenburg gas processing plant. In 1990, a team of specialists GPP (GPP V.I. Vakulin Director, Head of Technical Department Bienko A.A. and others), senior lecturers of the Branch Marakayev T.A. and Marakayeva L.A. prepared and edited the text book in MINH and GP. It described processing technology of hydrogen sulfide gas, which gave a basic understanding of the processes acting at the Orenburg gas processing plant and has been used by the students of processing engineering.

In the period 1996-1998, the textbooks "Basic processes of physical and physics-chemical processing of gas" and "Basic chemical processing of gas," were prepared and published by lecturers Busygina N.V. and Busygin I.G. in collaboration with the General Director of "Orenburggazprom" V.V. Nikolaev. They presented both active and promising processes for the processing of natural gas. In 2002, the publishing and printing complex "Gazprompechat" released a new textbook "Technology of processing of natural gas and gas condensate", prepared for students in accordance with the curriculum of  the subject "Technology of processing of gas and condensate." Currently, these benefits are used as by students of RSU of oil and gas and so by other petroleum universities and the students of Training Centre Ltd. "Orenburggazprom".


The current state of the branch.


Today Branch of the RSU of oil and gas has academic building with lecture halls equipped with multimedia projectors; laboratories with modern equipment; four computer classes and personal computers for Branch members that are connected to the Internet. Training of students is carried out in evening and correspondence departments. Training courses (Department of Pre-University Training) are annually organized on the basis of the branch. All-Russian testing is conducted, according to the results of which applicants can participate in the competition for admission to full-time departments of RSU of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin (Moscow). The Branch is being updated continuously and replenishes logistic base; increases the level of qualification of the teaching staff.

In 2007, the Head of the branch of State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin became candidate of technical sciences B.V. Speransky, a specialist of oil and gas development fields. He has been occupying key positions in the structural subdivisions of "Gazprom Orenburg" for many years. Since his arrival the process of modernization and construction of the academic building, facilitating it with modern communications and technical facilities has been intensified. A trend towards closer and more effective contact with oil and gas companies of the region was realized. Affiliate has great support of RSU of Oil and Gas (Moscow), OOO "Orenburggazprom" (since 2008. Renamed "Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg"), "Transgas" oil companies "RussNeft" and "TNK-BP" and others. New laboratory equipment is being purchased, computer classes are expanded and added by new facilities, new multimedia auditoriums are created.













In the laboratories of Orenburg Branch.


Laboratory processing technology of oil and gas and chemistry of oil and gas, with the support of "Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg" acquired instruments to determine the physical and physics-chemical properties of oil (Determination of flash and fire point, determination of sulfur vapor pressure, fractional composition, determining the octane number of gasoline and the cetane number of diesel fuels); laboratory  of Materials acquired - electron microscope, measurement technology and instruments laboratory – hardness measuring instruments; electrical engineering laboratory acquired the new test benches. A planned refurbishment of other laboratories is being conducted. Branch students do practical work in enterprises "Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg", "Gasproduction", "Transgaz", the company "TNK-BP" and "RussNeft", JSC "South Ural Industrial Company", "Sirt", "Yuzhuralneftegaz "and many others.







Students of the Branch during practice at the helium plant.



Diploma projecting is carried out both at the Branch (performing the research part of the graduation project), and the enterprises of "Gasproduction "," Transgas "," Gamprom control "CPF (complex gas), UPN (oil treatment plants), BCS (booster compressor stations), gas processing plant, helium plant, Zaykinsky gas processing plant, JSC "Orsknefteorgsintez" and others.



Training at the Orenburg gas processing plant.


More than 70% of the students of senior courses of the branch work in oil and gas industry. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills at the period of making graduate design allows to perform serious, significant works, many of which are then introduced into production.



Diploma projecting defending.


Graduate student projects of the Branch are aimed at solving practical problems, taking place in oil and gas companies. At the same time leading experts of these companies are the leaders of the graduation projects. Students perform Graphic part of the graduation projects in the graphic editors, widely used at present in the development of design documentation (AutoCAD, compass, etc.). A diploma project is organized with integrated use printed on a plotter drawings and schemes and multimedia projectors. The main and leading experts of oil and gas companies are included in the NCC (National Certification Commission) or present while diploma projecting defending as guests.


Members of the NCC while diploma projecting (2007): (chair economist GPP Misilin Y.U., Deputy. General Director of "Orenburggazprom" Stolypin V.I., Director of Helium Plant S.A. Molchanov, Vice Rector of Russian State University of Oil and Gas Maksimenko A.F, Associate Professor of the Branch Busygin I.G, Director of Neftemaslozavod TNK-BP Vereta K.V, Deputy chief  Engineer of environmental protection of GPP Lysikov K.I, Associate Professor of the Branch Busygina N.V.).

The most interesting and promising diploma projects NCC recommends to introduce to the enterprises of the region, and the graduates receive job offers, chances of promotion and career opportunities.

Over the years, the Branch gradually formed the tradition of participation in scientific conferences of RSU of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin in Moscow, annual conferences held, by TNK-BP in "Orsknefteorgsintez" and others. Students of the Branch often win prizes. In 2007, students Gudym B. and A. Batmanov took the 3rd place in the conference of RSU of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin Moscow, Students Ermichine O. and B. Parzhetskaya in 2006 took the first and second grants in the conference organized by JSC "Orsknefteorgsintez" As winners, they participated in a joint conference of TNK-BP, in which also became the winners and were awarded a trip to Norway to become familiar with new technologies in refining. In 2007, the 1st grant in the conference organized by RussNeft, won the 4th year student of processing engineering department student of the branch Pashov Eugene.





The student of the Branch of State University of Oil and Gas Pashov E. is at conference of company RussNeft.


The organization of conferences of students and graduates of the branch of RSU of oil and gas at the Orenburg gas processing plant becomes tradition also. Students and graduates of the branch, under the guidance of teachers and specialists of Gazprom, perform and develop improvements of the processes of preparation and processing of gas and gas condensate production, improvement of automation systems, increasing equipment reliability and environmental safety. Teachers of the Branch participate in regional, national and international conferences, prepare teaching and learning aids, are engaged in scientific and applied activities according to the agreements with enterprises of the region: "Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg", JSC "Orsknefteorgsintez" Zaikinskiy gas processing company, etc.